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team organizes with the first ever National Entrepreneur Summit, Bangladesh
Prize giving ceremony, NES '13
Alchemy reaches more than 63,000 students in 2 months.
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National Entrepreneur Summit 2013

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  • National Entrepreneurs Summit 2013 gives
    “dream of Bangladesh becoming a middle-
    income country” wings to fly

    “National Entrepreneurs Summit 2013 successfully came to an end with delivering insight knowledge on the business climate, strategic tools and growth sectors to the existing and upcoming entrepreneurs. read more..

  • ALCHEMY reaches more than 63,000 students and
    active citizen in Dhaka and more to reach in other
    divisions of Bangladesh

    ALCHEMY has reached more than 63,000 participants till August 2013from school, college universities and corporate with the massage of ‘Art of Living’ read more..

  • The online library of ANCESTOR is now
    open for all!.

    ANCESTOR, the digitizing-archiving-distribution of WORLD CULTURE initiative is shaping up to be developed to an enriched library. read more..


DID you Know?

Thomas Edison did not invent light bulbs. British inventor Joseph Swan was awarded a light bulb patent the previous year.. Edison went on to make big buck from the light bulb but Swan sued Edison for infringement and won.

Cool Bangladesh. . .

Tareque Masud was an award-winning Bangladesh independent film director. He was known for directing the filmsMuktirGaan (1995) and MatirMoina (2002), for which he won two international awards...